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I Help Moms Get Unstuck in Midlife

so they can Figure out what's next and go after it with confidence.

CROWNED ONe program

Midlife Mom is your biological clock still ticking? We normally don’t think about that in midlife, especially when in menopause or anticipating it on the horizon.

But I am not talking about more children. 

Been there, done that right? 

You love them but you don’t need any more of those.

What you need is a baby goal. One that starts with an idea or even a curiosity. Something to focus on that distracts you from worrying about everyone else…

Specifically the outcome of your children’s lives. 

Because now they are getting older, and the older they get the more they are responsible for their own results.

So you can start to let go, cut the cord, shed the baby weight… 

Which is the heaviness of being the one responsible for making their world go round’ and getting them to the finish line. They’ve got to want and learn to do that for themselves now.

Of course, we are there for them but we also need to start being there for ourselves. Because we’re ultimately responsible for the outcome of our own life. and our own results.

That is why while we are mourning our kids leaving the nest, at the same time we can give birth to a goal. One to nurture that helps us grow.

You gave birth to those beautiful humans and raised them. Now, what do you want to create?

A healthier body? A new business? A piece of art? A new career? New friends? A renewed relationship with your husband?

Put your brain to work getting excited about a GOAL BABY. It is the most productive use of your mind. That is what my Crowned One program is all about.

I know your kids have been the jewels in your crown momma.

Mine too!

But there is MORE of you to create.

More jewels to add to your crown in midlife.