The Fairytale Ending Is You

Want to know a secret that will set you free?

He was never meant to complete you.

He’s just there to love and enjoy life with.

Just the way he is. ❤

But we all have an instruction guide in our head about how our partners should behave and be different.

To make us feel better.

We assume they should know what to do if they loved us.

But they can’t read our minds.

And their manual on how to love is in their own language.

We can always tell them but they won’t always listen.

Because humans don’t like to be controlled or told what to do.

It doesn’t mean he’s not your prince.

Or you aren’t his imperfectly perfect princess.

Just don’t base your emotions on the “right” way he loves you.

Because the fairytale ending is you completing YOU.

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Your Own Worst Enemy

You are not your own worst enemy.

You just let your mind become one at times…

And you are not your mind.

That is the best news you will ever hear.

Because now you have some leverage over it.

Our brains are built to scan for problems to protect us. 🧠

They are hardwired for fear.

This was useful when our ancestors were chased by tigers.

But now there are no tigers in the room.

Only imaginary ones that our minds are good at creating.

Perceived threats that aren’t really problems.

Or baby cub thoughts that we identify as tigers. 🐯

Nothing has gone wrong when this happens.

In fact, we can thank our brain for doing its job.

To conserve its energy and keep us safe by replaying an outdated program.

But now I know there is a better way than a life of fight or flight.

And highs and lows that throw us off course from fully realizing ourselves.

And serving our true purpose here.

There is a more empowered way.

That still enables us to feel what it means to be human.

Which means so much more than fear or even being happy all the time.

It is a Self Coaching Model for clean thinking that enables us not only to feel better but to rise in this life.

To a higher version of ourselves but not just for the sake of ourselves.

Because that is the point of it all anyway.

Where we can let our minds change if they want to when we finally decide to be the directors.

And courageously embrace our thoughts, feelings and actions without all of the blame and the shame.

So we can create a powerful life here experiencing empowered joy even in struggle.

By retraining our brains with the skill of self coaching.

That is what I teach in my Crowned One coaching program.

So you can figure out what’s next for you and find more life that you have been missing.

It takes just one step out of the cave.

Committed to a 3 month relationship with you.

With a lot of love, patience and practice.

You’ve already been chosen.

Now it’s time to learn how you can best live your assignment.

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Feeling Good About Yourself

You can decide to feel good about yourself any time you want.

You have nothing to prove EVER.

You are worthy already.

Isn’t that a relief? The pressure is off.

You can just relax and find more reasons why you are awesome.

Always, always, manage your brain when it tries to tell you otherwise.

By getting curious and becoming interested in how your beautiful mind works.

To figure out how you can use it to your advantage.

Don’t waste your precious brain energy comparing yourself to others.

Or for caring about what others think.

Use it to care about what YOU think.

High-quality thoughts create high-quality results in your life.

It won’t be easy I promise.

But it is necessary to create the best life for you.

That is why you need a coach.

To become acquainted with MORE life that is possible.

For an amazing midlife!

I can help.

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💗 Stephanie

Walk On

Do you have the courage to walk past the laundry?

And all of the dishes in the sink?

Knowing that somehow everything will get done anyway.

Because you have something to offer to the world.

But most importantly to offer to yourself.

And that is the contribution of you.

Sometimes we have gifts inside us that we haven’t let come alive yet.

Because we get so bogged down in all the mundane.

The things that don’t light us up at all.

That we decide is our responsibility to do.

But that is no way to truly live momma.

Your home is dynamic and constantly evolving just like the humans living in it.

And that includes you.

Laundry and the dishes will always be there. They never end.

But your growth ends if you don’t dare yourself to walk on past it sometimes.

I know you believe that if you don’t stay on top of it you’ll lose yourself completely.

And that makes you scared.

I am here to tell you the opposite is true.

The most important thing you ever need to catch up on is time for YOU.

Catching up is finally taking that photography class or practicing staging your friends’ homes so you can start your own business…

Maybe volunteering for the PTA or researching a career change.

Or simply catching up with your spirit before the rush of a new day.

The only way to lose yourself is not catching up with your needs.

What lights you up is what fills you up.

So have courage to do way more of that momma.

Even if it means letting someone else do the laundry.

Walk on…

💗 Stephanie