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50 Thoughts Confident Midlife Moms Think

What if you could feel MORE CONFIDENT in Midlife than ever before❓

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Repeat after me:

1. I am excited about this chapter in my life.

2. There is abundant time to create the life I want.

3. I have brilliant ideas and make good decisions.

4. I give myself freedom and space to figure out what’s next for me.

5. I am empowered to be responsible for my own happiness with my thinking.

6. I only look back to acknowledge how far I have come.

7. I can do hard things.

8. My spouse was never meant to meet all my needs, just to love and enjoy life with.

9. Self-confidence is a skill I develop from commitment and courage.

10. I can be bold, playful, and have fun pursuing my goals.

11. I am here to learn, evolve and progress toward my most fulfilling life.

12. My gifts and creativity impact the world for the better.

13. There is no place better than right where I am in my life at this moment.

14. I don’t waste my brain energy comparing myself to others.

15. What people think of me is none of my business. I let them be wrong about me.

16. In midlife, I say YES to myself more.

17. Even on days I’m not motivated, I show up for myself anyway.

18. I always appreciate myself more than I criticize myself.

19. I am never too busy for self-care.

20. Humans and life are 50/50, 50% an amazing mess + 50% AmazingNess.

21. We are created infinitely loved.

22. I am not behind. My midlife is right on time.

23. Nothing has gone wrong here.

24. There is no one out there quite like me.

25. I am always enough.

26. I never give up on myself.

27. The quality time I spend with my kids is more important than the quantity.

28. My children never needed a perfect mom or a perfect journey, only me with a lot of grace.

29. My life was meant to happen the way that it did.

30. I am not my mind. I am the Watcher of my mind.

31. I get better with age and my beauty is timeless.

32. I spend less time thinking about aging and more time thinking about growing.

33. B- work gets the job done.

34. I choose to be more curious than judgemental of myself and others.

35. People change all the time when they are ready. We were never meant to do the changing for them.

36. My body is doing what it is designed to do to support me in this season of life.

37. I strive to love myself fully to live the fuller life that is waiting for me when I do.

38. I let myself be amused by my life because it is the best surprise.

39. I am guided and everything is working in my favor.

40. I can have multiple purposes in one lifetime.

41. I follow what lights me up.

42. Trying new things keeps my life interesting.

43. Everything is “figure-outable”.

44. My becoming is worth waiting for.

45. My nest is never really empty with me in it.

46. Just like me, my kids are supposed to struggle to grow.

47. “Change of life” means changing my mind about what is still possible in my life.

48. The more comfortable I get feeling all my emotions, the more amazing my life becomes.

49. I don’t fail unless I quit.

50. My life is a dynamic and ever-changing journey of what’s next.

You’re welcome!

Now all that is left to do is BELIEVE it.

I help moms get unstuck from old stories about themselves and what’s possible for them in midlife… So they can figure out what’s next and go after it with confidence.

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