Midlife Empty Nest

Is your nest getting emptier?

It won’t be an empty nest because you will still be in it!

That is the best news because you will still need it.

As a beautiful space to process the loss and sadness of change.

But as you are preparing kids to fly, remind yourself you will fly again also.

After all, you’ve graduated too.

And everything is shifting in perfect time.

As they are off finding themselves, you will find yourself as well.

In the middle of fear, overwhelm and confusion about who you are now supposed to be.

Re-imagining your life new is something you can choose to get so very excited about!

Because you are still becoming only better.

The nest that you created has been a perfect place to grow them from love.

But that also includes you.

It is never too early to start preparing for the flight.

I have learned the greatest things from coaching and I want to share them with.

The journey starts today.

Come along, follow and grow with me.

Is Your Teenager Breaking Up With You?

Is your teenager breaking up with you?

My middle daughter broke up with me before I broke up with her years ago.

When she stopped nursing on Mother’s Day at 11 months.

And now it feels like is it happening again at 16.

Lately, I have not been feeling the love.

My brain asks: What happened? Did you do something wrong? Will you ever be close again?

Where did the love go?

The love that was written in those sweet letters by tiny fingers…

The love that never wanted to let go.

Let go.

So she can have space to figure out who she wants to become.

So I can reimagine our relationship as we both grow within it.

And redefine how I best love her through the changes.

By thinking the best thoughts about her.

And leading love by example.

The truth is love never goes anywhere.

It just evolves to become more.

If we let it. 


Midlife Late Bloomer

“It’s okay to be a late bloomer at loving yourself,” one late bloomer said to the other.

The most important thing is that you’ve arrived to the awareness.

That self love is what you’ve been missing.

I know you’ve tried.

By taking shortcuts in the journey.

Thinking the work is accomplished.

And filling what’s missing with other things.

But it is never done.

And that is what has been keeping you stuck.

The uncomfortable feeling of not reaching the destination yet.

One day believing you are close.

And the next you have miles to go.

Letting your circumstances decide and comparing yourself to others.

Wondering what is wrong with you.

It all gets so tiring really.

Come and rest now.

Because making it to awareness finally lets you pace yourself.

By instead zooming out the lens of you in your life.

And simply being the watcher for a while.

To finally feel compassion for the person you see.

And show up gentler in your journey.

It is the most loving choice of all.

That self love simply means committing to.

The slow blooms are the most beautiful ones to watch.

You are the one worth waiting for.

Take your time.

You are not behind.

And I’m right here to guide you.

The Midlife Mirror

At midlife, I found coaching and discovered I was so much more than I ever knew.

And I like her.

I am so glad I didn’t miss her.

Guess what momma?

You can have that too.

Sometimes we just need a little help.

Because at midlife as our kids start to leave and we watch our own parents getting older, we naturally take a look in the mirror of our own life.

What is reflecting back to us?

Traces of who we once were and more often than we would like to admit…

-Who we didn’t give ourselves a chance to become.

Suddenly we are starting to feel our shelf life as humans

With possibilities more limited.

I’ve been there.

But it is actually these thoughts causing regret and scarcity that keep our lives small.

Along with lost perspective of the immeasurable contribution we’ve made in our lives already.

That limits us from fully realizing ourselves as so much more.

So instead of apologizing to younger self in the mirror release her from believing she ever chose wrong. In fact, she was part of God’s plan for everything happening the way that it did.

Give her a wink and thank her for passing the baton in your journey. 😘

It is only from letting her go that you can can meet the beautiful woman that is more than you ever knew.

And I wouldn’t want you to miss her either.

I would love to be that coach for you.

My Crowned One Coaching Program helps midlife moms 👑 figure out what’s next in their life journey.

Click on the link here to set up a free coaching session and for more information. 

50 Thoughts Confident Midlife Moms Think

50 Thoughts Confident Midlife Moms Think

What if you could feel MORE CONFIDENT in Midlife than ever before❓

Start HERE. 👇

Repeat after me:

1. I am excited about this chapter in my life.

2. There is abundant time to create the life I want.

3. I have brilliant ideas and make good decisions.

4. I give myself freedom and space to figure out what’s next for me.

5. I am empowered to be responsible for my own happiness with my thinking.

6. I only look back to acknowledge how far I have come.

7. I can do hard things.

8. My spouse was never meant to meet all my needs, just to love and enjoy life with.

9. Self-confidence is a skill I develop from commitment and courage.

10. I can be bold, playful, and have fun pursuing my goals.

11. I am here to learn, evolve and progress toward my most fulfilling life.

12. My gifts and creativity impact the world for the better.

13. There is no place better than right where I am in my life at this moment.

14. I don’t waste my brain energy comparing myself to others.

15. What people think of me is none of my business. I let them be wrong about me.

16. In midlife, I say YES to myself more.

17. Even on days I’m not motivated, I show up for myself anyway.

18. I always appreciate myself more than I criticize myself.

19. I am never too busy for self-care.

20. Humans and life are 50/50, 50% an amazing mess + 50% AmazingNess.

21. We are created infinitely loved.

22. I am not behind. My midlife is right on time.

23. Nothing has gone wrong here.

24. There is no one out there quite like me.

25. I am always enough.

26. I never give up on myself.

27. The quality time I spend with my kids is more important than the quantity.

28. My children never needed a perfect mom or a perfect journey, only me with a lot of grace.

29. My life was meant to happen the way that it did.

30. I am not my mind. I am the Watcher of my mind.

31. I get better with age and my beauty is timeless.

32. I spend less time thinking about aging and more time thinking about growing.

33. B- work gets the job done.

34. I choose to be more curious than judgemental of myself and others.

35. People change all the time when they are ready. We were never meant to do the changing for them.

36. My body is doing what it is designed to do to support me in this season of life.

37. I strive to love myself fully to live the fuller life that is waiting for me when I do.

38. I let myself be amused by my life because it is the best surprise.

39. I am guided and everything is working in my favor.

40. I can have multiple purposes in one lifetime.

41. I follow what lights me up.

42. Trying new things keeps my life interesting.

43. Everything is “figure-outable”.

44. My becoming is worth waiting for.

45. My nest is never really empty with me in it.

46. Just like me, my kids are supposed to struggle to grow.

47. “Change of life” means changing my mind about what is still possible in my life.

48. The more comfortable I get feeling all my emotions, the more amazing my life becomes.

49. I don’t fail unless I quit.

50. My life is a dynamic and ever-changing journey of what’s next.

You’re welcome!

Now all that is left to do is BELIEVE it.

I help moms get unstuck from old stories about themselves and what’s possible for them in midlife… So they can figure out what’s next and go after it with confidence.

👑 Are you ready? Let’s go!

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💗 Stephanie

Whatever We Dwell On Is Who We Become

If you spend more time focusing on problems rather than solutions. 

Or what you hate about your life rather than about what you love.

And what is still missing instead of noticing what is actually coming together.

You will give more attention to what you don’t want rather than what you do…

And that is what you will continue to create in your life experience.

That is why it is so important to observe which way your thoughts are going.

Because they determine the direction of your life.

What is your mental energy focused on today?

Use it wisely.

Take the time to STOP RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT and tune in.

Make sure the majority of your thoughts are ones that are going to help your life grow.

You’ll recognize those thoughts because they are the ones that feel the best.

And the ones that don’t…that compete for your negative attention.

Practice letting them float on by. I know it isn’t easy but it is the work we are here to do.

Feeling better exactly where you are is the best place to begin.

And once you do, that energy will be what motivates you to make even more changes.

A coach shows you how to let the light in.

So you can pull back the drapes on your thinking.

To discover different perspectives that you never thought of before.

And options of what is possible to believe that you never knew existed.

I would love to be your coach.

Please click here

https://StephanieAllenCoaching.as.me/ or on the link in my profile for a free coaching session.

❤️ Stephanie


The Fairytale Ending Is You

Want to know a secret that will set you free?

He was never meant to complete you.

He’s just there to love and enjoy life with.

Just the way he is. ❤

But we all have an instruction guide in our head about how our partners should behave and be different.

To make us feel better.

We assume they should know what to do if they loved us.

But they can’t read our minds.

And their manual on how to love is in their own language.

We can always tell them but they won’t always listen.

Because humans don’t like to be controlled or told what to do.

It doesn’t mean he’s not your prince.

Or you aren’t his imperfectly perfect princess.

Just don’t base your emotions on the “right” way he loves you.

Because the fairytale ending is you completing YOU.

-CONFIDENT Relationships is one of the jewels Mid-life Moms receive in my Crowned One Coaching Program. 👑

Find out how to feel more empowered in your marriage.


Your Own Worst Enemy

You are not your own worst enemy.

You just let your mind become one at times…

And you are not your mind.

That is the best news you will ever hear.

Because now you have some leverage over it.

Our brains are built to scan for problems to protect us. 🧠

They are hardwired for fear.

This was useful when our ancestors were chased by tigers.

But now there are no tigers in the room.

Only imaginary ones that our minds are good at creating.

Perceived threats that aren’t really problems.

Or baby cub thoughts that we identify as tigers. 🐯

Nothing has gone wrong when this happens.

In fact, we can thank our brain for doing its job.

To conserve its energy and keep us safe by replaying an outdated program.

But now I know there is a better way than a life of fight or flight.

And highs and lows that throw us off course from fully realizing ourselves.

And serving our true purpose here.

There is a more empowered way.

That still enables us to feel what it means to be human.

Which means so much more than fear or even being happy all the time.

It is a Self Coaching Model for clean thinking that enables us not only to feel better but to rise in this life.

To a higher version of ourselves but not just for the sake of ourselves.

Because that is the point of it all anyway.

Where we can let our minds change if they want to when we finally decide to be the directors.

And courageously embrace our thoughts, feelings and actions without all of the blame and the shame.

So we can create a powerful life here experiencing empowered joy even in struggle.

By retraining our brains with the skill of self coaching.

That is what I teach in my Crowned One coaching program.

So you can figure out what’s next for you and find more life that you have been missing.

It takes just one step out of the cave.

Committed to a 3 month relationship with you.

With a lot of love, patience and practice.

You’ve already been chosen.

Now it’s time to learn how you can best live your assignment.

Click on my link below to set up a free coaching session and for more information.


Feeling Good About Yourself

You can decide to feel good about yourself any time you want.

You have nothing to prove EVER.

You are worthy already.

Isn’t that a relief? The pressure is off.

You can just relax and find more reasons why you are awesome.

Always, always, manage your brain when it tries to tell you otherwise.

By getting curious and becoming interested in how your beautiful mind works.

To figure out how you can use it to your advantage.

Don’t waste your precious brain energy comparing yourself to others.

Or for caring about what others think.

Use it to care about what YOU think.

High-quality thoughts create high-quality results in your life.

It won’t be easy I promise.

But it is necessary to create the best life for you.

That is why you need a coach.

To become acquainted with MORE life that is possible.

For an amazing midlife!

I can help.

Click here or on the link in my profile to set up a FREE introductory coaching session and to find out more: https://StephanieAllenCoaching.as.me/

💗 Stephanie

Walk On

Do you have the courage to walk past the laundry?

And all of the dishes in the sink?

Knowing that somehow everything will get done anyway.

Because you have something to offer to the world.

But most importantly to offer to yourself.

And that is the contribution of you.

Sometimes we have gifts inside us that we haven’t let come alive yet.

Because we get so bogged down in all the mundane.

The things that don’t light us up at all.

That we decide is our responsibility to do.

But that is no way to truly live momma.

Your home is dynamic and constantly evolving just like the humans living in it.

And that includes you.

Laundry and the dishes will always be there. They never end.

But your growth ends if you don’t dare yourself to walk on past it sometimes.

I know you believe that if you don’t stay on top of it you’ll lose yourself completely.

And that makes you scared.

I am here to tell you the opposite is true.

The most important thing you ever need to catch up on is time for YOU.

Catching up is finally taking that photography class or practicing staging your friends’ homes so you can start your own business…

Maybe volunteering for the PTA or researching a career change.

Or simply catching up with your spirit before the rush of a new day.

The only way to lose yourself is not catching up with your needs.

What lights you up is what fills you up.

So have courage to do way more of that momma.

Even if it means letting someone else do the laundry.

Walk on…

💗 Stephanie