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Is your teenager breaking up with you?

My middle daughter broke up with me before I broke up with her years ago.

When she stopped nursing on Mother’s Day at 11 months.

And now it feels like is it happening again at 16.

Lately, I have not been feeling the love.

My brain asks: What happened? Did you do something wrong? Will you ever be close again?

Where did the love go?

The love that was written in those sweet letters by tiny fingers…

The love that never wanted to let go.

Let go.

So she can have space to figure out who she wants to become.

So I can reimagine our relationship as we both grow within it.

And redefine how I best love her through the changes.

By thinking the best thoughts about her.

And leading love by example.

The truth is love never goes anywhere.

It just evolves to become more.

If we let it.