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Is your nest getting emptier?

It won’t be an empty nest because you will still be in it!

That is the best news because you will still need it.

As a beautiful space to process the loss and sadness of change.

But as you are preparing kids to fly, remind yourself you will fly again also.

After all, you’ve graduated too.

And everything is shifting in perfect time.

As they are off finding themselves, you will find yourself as well.

In the middle of fear, overwhelm and confusion about who you are now supposed to be.

Re-imagining your life new is something you can choose to get so very excited about!

Because you are still becoming only better.

The nest that you created has been a perfect place to grow them from love.

But that also includes you.

It is never too early to start preparing for the flight.

I have learned the greatest things from coaching and I want to share them with.

The journey starts today.

Come along, follow and grow with me.