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“It’s okay to be a late bloomer at loving yourself,” one late bloomer said to the other.

The most important thing is that you’ve arrived to the awareness.

That self love is what you’ve been missing.

I know you’ve tried.

By taking shortcuts in the journey.

Thinking the work is accomplished.

And filling what’s missing with other things.

But it is never done.

And that is what has been keeping you stuck.

The uncomfortable feeling of not reaching the destination yet.

One day believing you are close.

And the next you have miles to go.

Letting your circumstances decide and comparing yourself to others.

Wondering what is wrong with you.

It all gets so tiring really.

Come and rest now.

Because making it to awareness finally lets you pace yourself.

By instead zooming out the lens of you in your life.

And simply being the watcher for a while.

To finally feel compassion for the person you see.

And show up gentler in your journey.

It is the most loving choice of all.

That self love simply means committing to.

The slow blooms are the most beautiful ones to watch.

You are the one worth waiting for.

Take your time.

You are not behind.

And I’m right here to guide you.