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If you spend more time focusing on problems rather than solutions. 

Or what you hate about your life rather than about what you love.

And what is still missing instead of noticing what is actually coming together.

You will give more attention to what you don’t want rather than what you do…

And that is what you will continue to create in your life experience.

That is why it is so important to observe which way your thoughts are going.

Because they determine the direction of your life.

What is your mental energy focused on today?

Use it wisely.

Take the time to STOP RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT and tune in.

Make sure the majority of your thoughts are ones that are going to help your life grow.

You’ll recognize those thoughts because they are the ones that feel the best.

And the ones that don’t…that compete for your negative attention.

Practice letting them float on by. I know it isn’t easy but it is the work we are here to do.

Feeling better exactly where you are is the best place to begin.

And once you do, that energy will be what motivates you to make even more changes.

A coach shows you how to let the light in.

So you can pull back the drapes on your thinking.

To discover different perspectives that you never thought of before.

And options of what is possible to believe that you never knew existed.

I would love to be your coach.

Please click here or on the link in my profile for a free coaching session.

❤️ Stephanie