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At midlife, I found coaching and discovered I was so much more than I ever knew.

And I like her.

I am so glad I didn’t miss her.

Guess what momma?

You can have that too.

Sometimes we just need a little help.

Because at midlife as our kids start to leave and we watch our own parents getting older, we naturally take a look in the mirror of our own life.

What is reflecting back to us?

Traces of who we once were and more often than we would like to admit…

-Who we didn’t give ourselves a chance to become.

Suddenly we are starting to feel our shelf life as humans

With possibilities more limited.

I’ve been there.

But it is actually these thoughts causing regret and scarcity that keep our lives small.

Along with lost perspective of the immeasurable contribution we’ve made in our lives already.

That limits us from fully realizing ourselves as so much more.

So instead of apologizing to younger self in the mirror release her from believing she ever chose wrong. In fact, she was part of God’s plan for everything happening the way that it did.

Give her a wink and thank her for passing the baton in your journey. 😘

It is only from letting her go that you can can meet the beautiful woman that is more than you ever knew.

And I wouldn’t want you to miss her either.

I would love to be that coach for you.

My Crowned One Coaching Program helps midlife moms 👑 figure out what’s next in their life journey.

Click on the link here to set up a free coaching session and for more information.