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Want to know a secret that will set you free?

He was never meant to complete you.

He’s just there to love and enjoy life with.

Just the way he is. ❤

But we all have an instruction guide in our head about how our partners should behave and be different.

To make us feel better.

We assume they should know what to do if they loved us.

But they can’t read our minds.

And their manual on how to love is in their own language.

We can always tell them but they won’t always listen.

Because humans don’t like to be controlled or told what to do.

It doesn’t mean he’s not your prince.

Or you aren’t his imperfectly perfect princess.

Just don’t base your emotions on the “right” way he loves you.

Because the fairytale ending is you completing YOU.

-CONFIDENT Relationships is one of the jewels Mid-life Moms receive in my Crowned One Coaching Program. 👑

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