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Are you ready to create a new story about what's possible for your career in midlife?

Are you ready to create a new story about what's possible for your career in midlife?

Midlife mom is this you?

You had a great career going in the past that you left to raise children. 

And now as the kids are getting older you want to make a comeback to your professional identity. 

But you feel scared and keep procrastinating because you believe a lot has possibly changed in your industry. 

And although you have prior experience, you feel a little rusty and insecure about your technical skills. 

You wonder if you should go back into the same field or start something new. 

And how you’ll balance going back to work with the fuller life you have now.

You’re also exhausted by the thought of rewriting your resume, figuring out LinkedIn and interviewing again. 

Coaching removes
the self doubt,
confusion and
overwhelm that is
keeping you stuck.

I understand the challenges that come with taking time away from paid work, and I am here to help you overcome the obstacles that may be holding you back so you can pursue what’s next in your career. 

My personal experience as a veteran spouse who left a lucrative career to support my husband’s military career and raise three children gives me a unique perspective on the struggles that moms face when trying to re-enter the workforce. I am a certified life coach and have helped many women gain the confidence they need to make a comeback to their careers.

If you are feeling unsure of your skills, have lost your network or struggle with where to start, I can help. My coaching approach is tailored to your specific needs, and I am dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

This is how my program works:

Are you feeling like you’ve lost your sense of identity after years of motherhood? Do you want to get back in touch with your career passions and rediscover your purpose in life? If so, my Relaunch in 90 Program is perfect for you!

Let’s Team Up and Get it Done: 3 Simple Steps to Working Together!

  1. Identify Your Ideal Career
  • Together, we clarify a vision for a fulfilling career that aligns with who you are now and your ideal life description. 
  1. Create a Plan of Action
  • We’ll set achievable goals and design a customized roadmap for success to get you there. 
  1. Reclaim Confidence and Get Results
  • I’ll teach you how to confidently communicate your value and transferable skills to employers in your resume, LinkedIn, interviews and salary negotiations. 

Don’t wait any longer to invest in yourself. Sign up for the Relaunch in 90 Program today and let’s work together to unlock your full career potential!

This 12-week program is designed specifically for midlife moms like you who are ready to prioritize their own professional growth and development. Through a combination of one-on-one coaching sessions, and self-reflection exercises, you will gain clarity on your values, strengths, and goals.  As a result, you’ll feel empowered to make intentional career choices that align with your true self and live a life that is fulfilling and meaningful. 

Each session is one hour a week via Zoom and includes coaching and teaching using my favorite tools. 

In your welcome packet, you’ll receive:

  • Career Clarity Questions

  • A Career Comeback Guide

  • A Career Confidence Journal 

As a participant in our program, you’ll have access to ongoing support and a dedicated career search partner who is available to you outside of sessions. This additional assistance provides you with more opportunities to consider and can help you achieve faster results in your job search. 


Your kids are growing up. You’ve been everything to everyone. Now it is time to MAKE A COMEBACK to YOUR CAREER and get excited for the next chapter of your life.

All that is required is believing you are worth the commitment to my 12 week program designed just for you to experience these results: 

  • Love yourself and your life: Improve your self esteem and appreciate the life you’ve created. 
  • Have fun exploring your options: Explore your interests and passions to figure out what you want to do next.
  • Anything is possible: Believe in yourself and your abilities, and open up new possibilities for your career.
  • Embrace the journey: Develop the confidence to get back out there and enjoy the process of relaunching your career.
  • Reach your potential: Reconnect with your professional identity and obtain a fulfilling career you love. 

Are you ready to experience the difference coaching can bring?

So, why should you work with me? Because I have been where you are and had to overcome my own fear, self doubt and overwhelm to get back into the HR industry, become a career coach and start my business. I know what it’s like to have so much life experience and feel NEW in the job market again.  You’ve spent your life supporting everyone else’s dreams.  Let’s work together to help you reconnect with your professional identity again and the fulfilling career you deserve!

The most amazing feedback I had from a client was “You helped remind me of who I am.” Her thoughts about herself and her circumstances had blurred her vision of what she was still capable of creating in her career. Coaching helped her to see herself again. 


I’m in my forties and recently became a military spouse. Within our first year of marriage, we had already moved two times. Additionally, I went from not having any children to having three stepchildren part time!  I have been struggling with the the new roles and responsibilities and feeling as if I’m losing my identity. Stephanie is helping me manage my new roles as military spouse and stepmom while at the same time prioritizing the career and personal goals I’ve set for myself. She is giving me encouragement, guidance and the tools I need to navigate my new, crazy yet incredibly blessed life!

-Jennifer S

I’ve been working with Stephanie for several months now, and I am very happy to say that the work with her has not only turned my mindset but also a huge part of my life around! When I started with her, my mind was quite a “jungle”. She does an amazing job of showing me the actual paths through that jungle, and she does so with genuine enthusiasm and insight. With her support, I have become so empowered that I am now in the position of guiding and mentoring other people in my own way. Thanks to her, I have truly identified my professional purpose — and new motivation!

-Susanne W

Stephanie far exceeded my expectations.  At first, I was skeptical at working with a life coach.  Especially when Stephanie tried to convince me that “I am enough”. I told her that I would ever accept that…I am an overachiever and never feel as if I am accomplishing my goals as quickly as I would like. Well, a few weeks in and I was very surprised to boldly announce to her that “I AM ENOUGH” and that I can accept that I am right where I am supposed to be on my journey. Stephanie helped me realize that I cannot do everything in one day and gave me the tools to deliver what is possible and needed without making myself crazy, and desiring more from myself than is possible, or even expected by others.  Thank you, Stephanie, for helping me believe in ME!

-Melissa S

Find out how you can create MORE career possibilities in midlife.